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Farr West Engineering has completed numerous projects in a wide variety of disciplines for a multitude of clients in both the public and private sectors. The following sections highlight a few of our projects and show how Farr West Engineering made a positive impact for our clients.

Project Highlights

City of Reno Lift Station Virginia City Wastewater Treatment Plant Metal Removal for Coeur Rochester Mine Thacker Dam and Pitt Taylor Canal Alamo Water Resource Development Hawthorne Utilities System Rehabilitation Project Canyon General Improvement District Sewer Improvement Project
City of Reno Lift Station

Farr West recently completed the design and construction management of the City of Reno's 5.3 MGD Valley Road Lift Station. This facility is currently the largest lift station in the city. We were able to get involved in the project early on to assist with site selection, preliminary concept drawings, flow planning and analysis, final piping and site design, mechanical design, electrical and controls design, and permitting. We were challenged with designing and placing the municipal facility within the city's university land-use designation area with residential homes in the area. We worked with the City and stakeholders to accomodate the site parameters and design the lift station to handle wastewater with higher than normal odor concerns, large size/ high flows and still provide the flexibility for future expansions.

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Virginia City Waste Water Treatment Plant

Farr West Engineering and Sierra Controls, LLC have been working with Storey County for the past 5 years on improving the Virginia City Water and Wastewater Systems. Recently, Storey County decided to move forward with replacing the wastewater treatment plant, a $7 Million project that will serve the historic communities of Virginia City and Gold Hill. This project will be funded by the USDA Rural Development. It is one of the 43 projects in 32 States that USDA will be funding in honor of Earth Day. The USDA funding will allow the County to replace a system that was constructed in the 1970’s with a larger, more efficient plant. A key benefit of this plant is to eliminate the threat of pollution to the Six Mile Canyon watershed.

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Metal Removal for Coeur Rochester Mine

Farr West recently completed an automation project for the Coeur Rochester Mine's, "Metal Removal Project." The mine had some old underground mining activity that stopped around the turn of the 20th century. As the current mininig activity uncovers these old sites, they occasionally unearth some undesirable objects. These objects, as well as other sources of "tramp" metals such as loader teeth, gears and other ferrous materials can find their way into the load of ore to be processed. If this "tramp" metal is large enough it can cause extensive damage to the crusher systems and shutdown milling operations.

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Thacker Dam and Pitt Taylor Canal

The Thacker Dam is an irrigation structure on the Humbolt River near Mill City, Nevada that doubles as a flood water diversion to the Upper and Lower Pitt-Taylor Reservoirs in high water events. The diversion dam was approximately 100 years old and failing both hydraulically and structurally. Farr West analyzed the 100-yr flood event on the Humbolt River and designed a replacement structure and canal rehabilitation to allow adequate flows to pass through with greater volume and more efficiency. The dam project included a 94' long dam, a 500 foot long, 800 cfs temporary lined diversion channel and extensive erosion control BMPs.

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Alamo Water Resource Development

The Alamo Water and Sewer District has multiple, shallow, low-producing alluvial municipal wells with high arsenic, iron and manganese concentrations. Farr West identified sources of groundwater underlying the alluvial aquifer and designed and supervised the construction of a new municipal well. Farr West's role in the project has been extensive including the acquisition of funding for the project, protection of water rights, and development of the ability to readily demonstrate the system deficiencies to obtain additional project funding.

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Hawthorne Utilities System Rehabilitation Project

The Hawthorne Utilities System Rehabilitation Project included the replacement of the sewer collection system (11.2 miles) and water distribution system lines (13 miles) throughout two thirds of Hawthorne, Nevada. Farr West Engineering prepared the Master Plan, Capitol Improvement Plan, and Preliminary Engineering Reports for Hawthorne Utilities. Farr West was also heavily involved in the funding acquisition (USDA and SRF), rate analysis (to obtain grant funding), Environmental Report, design, permitting (NDEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, Bureau of Water Pollution Control, and NDOT), bidding, extensive public outreach, negation, construction management, and construction inspection.

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Canyon General Improvement District Sewer Improvement Project

The Canyon General Improvement District Sewer Improvement Project included the design, construction management and inspection of 1.5 miles of gravity sewer main, thee miles of treated effluent force main, septic conversion to community sewer of 75 homes, two sanitary sewer lift stations and two treated effluent pump stations. Farr West designed an extended aeration, return activated sludge wastewater treatment plant for the District. The design included an automatic headwork's screening and a polishing clarifier, a control building, a sludge dewatering facility, a bio solids disposal plan, wastewater and effluent tanks, and an electronic control system.

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